My name is Jessica Bodas and I am an Orange County lifestyle photographer.  I enjoy documenting events, interior + exterior design, families, editorial  & wedding photography.  I am a mom to three beautiful daughters.  Besides being a photographer I love to cook, travel and am obsessed with home design.  If you love what you do then it doesn't feel like work.


Over the last 12 years I photographed hundreds of families and weddings.  This job allows me to travel to beautiful places and venues across Southern California.  Many of my clients become lifetime clients.  More recently, I have started working with designers + real estate agents where I  shoot interiors and exteriors.  I have always been interested in interior design and creating and decorating, unique homes of my own.  I love to capture beautiful things.  I enjoy photographing people in their element.  My favorite shoots are where I simply photograph a family in their home just being a family.  

Work with Me

For the first time in my life, I feel as though I am doing the job I have always dreamt of.   To me photography is not a job it’s a privilege.  My favorite part of a photoshoot is capturing love and laughter between couples and families as well as  capturing unique design elements. 

If you’re interested in booking a session, call or email and we can discuss dates and locations.

I’d be honored to chat more about your family or lifestyle shoot, wedding, or special occasion.


Does your company need a product or lifestyle photoshoot?

Recently, Melissa + I launched a new business called The CURiSTS. Melissa is the creative director and I am the photographer.  Our goal is to capture your brand through curated photography + styling. 

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